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These are some of the paintings I've produced using Photoshop 7 with a Wacom Tablet. Most of my finished works are shown on the cloud9 forums so if you see them displayed there, please offer your feedback or you can email me using the address in the contact page.

Click on the thumbnail to see the larger image.

Personal Projects

Geisha and Tengu Jungle Beastie Duel Three of Pentacles X The Wheel Tarot Card Last Ninja 2 Her Empire Fell Doom Fan Art Balor's Eye Jungle Outpost Exterior Jungle Outpost - Interior Getting Away From It All Celtic Ruins Creature Concept: Tentacle Beast Margo and the Cargo Done-up Holden Ute 200 kays from Yungaburra Sage in the Stone Cuban Motor Crisis Brave Little Amari Wanyugo Warrior Ocean Beastie Team Fortress 2 Fan Art - Scout An Urgent Pitstop Team Fortress 2 Fan Art - Spy 'round ere Barcelona Snowcrash and the Aftermath of Reason Team Fortress 2 Fan Portrait Cold War Girl Playing hard to get

Commercial Projects

Warrior Pillars Transformer Slag Transformer Grimlock

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